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Hello,i have this GPU and it shares memory with the CPU. I have 4GB of RAM, will getting 8 give me better performance while running games?
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  1. Probably not, because I think they cap the amount it can use. But if you wanted to try it, make sure you use a 64 Bit operating system.
  2. Not in the least, as integrated graphics can barely use the RAM they already have allocated. Getting another video card will give you significantly better performance, depending on the rest of your system specs.
  3. i tihnk the most usuable is 512mb for 3200 so getting more ram wouldnt really do much gfx wise...the best option is a a 785g board that has sideport memory (128mb ddr2) u can then combine that with up to 512mb system ram. there are ddr2 and ddr3 variants of the 785g the diff being AM3 boards use dd3 for system ram and sideport.
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