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I just purchased a new SSD, Corsair Force 3 60gb. I plugged it in, it's being recognized in the new hardware section of windows but it is not being recognized as a drive in the my computer section. I've obviously made sure it was plugged in and running as it is being recognized in the new hardware section. I have changed SATA ports, but that has not helped. I'm not sure what could be the issue here.

I just purchased this today and plugged it in.
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    assuming you're using windows 7 you have to go into the disk manager and initialize the drive. to do this open the start menu and in the search box type diskmgmt.msc it will open a window that will show you all of your drives. It will show the SSD as there but not initialized. right click select format in the drop down menu. select how big of a partiion assign a drive letter etc after doing a quick format (which takes only a few seconds on an SSD) you're good to go and you'll see it show up in your list of drives to store things to.

    hope that helps.

  2. Hey Overclockingrocks,

    I think that did the trick! Although it gave me an error right at the end, and I was not smart enough to write it down.... At any rate it does seem to be recognized and it is saying the drive is online and healthy so that's always a good sign.

    If I have any more questions I'll be back here, thanks again!

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