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Hi folks. first post here. nice to meet you all. :)

my first question on this website has to do with my newly purchased Samsung P2250. this is the first HD LCD i've ever bought - it's great, by the way - and it supports resolution up to 1,920 x 1,080. this is my question -

i used to game on 1024 x 768. when i adjusted the resolution of my games to match that of my new lcd, i didn't notice any significant drop in FPS. it might be just a delusion, but if not, why? i didn't change my video card, which is a 8800 GT, so i shouldn't be able to increase my resolution without affecting the game's performance, right?

that's my question for now. thanks for your time~
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  1. There is a significant drop in performance depending on the game. If you are playing an older game, then that could explain things or if the game you are playing uses Half-Life 2's Source engine; like Left 4 Dead. Perhaps the drop doesn't bother you too much. It also depends on how high the graphics quality setting you are using.
  2. I tested it out with Mass Effect and Company of heroes. not the most graphically demanding games, so maybe that's why.

    and this leads to my next question - let's say i wanna keep playing on 1024 x 768, or something a little bit higher than that, to maintain my performance. how do i fix the awkward visual problem? you know, the way things look kinda plump and short.
  3. That's most likely due to your 1024x768 resolution being stretched across the 1920x1080 screen. You could go into your graphics drivers an select a scaling option such as "maintain aspect ratio" or "use centered timings", this will put the 1024x768 resolution in the center of your screen and the rest of the pixels will become a black boarder around it.
  4. I see. so basically i need a better rig to make the most outta my LCD, unless i keep the quality setting on low. looks like i bit off more than i could chew. :(
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