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so i just got a new asus motherboard. it has 9 holes in which to mount to the inside of the case. there are six spots on the inside of the case that raise up to meet with 6 of the holes on the board. 3 of the hols require standoffs. The standoffs that i have aren't quite exactly the right size in that when i screw it down it cause the board to flex ever so slightly. my question is can i just use the six screws the secure the board down and just leave the other others alone? does not using a screw in one spot perhaps not ground a certain section of the board? the configuration of the screws i used is below.

X= screw used O = screw not used



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  1. Your mother board manual should tell you what stand offs are necessary.
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    Typically, all standoff's are required to provide the 1) the adequate motherboard support and 2) prevention of a possible short. Referring to your motherboard manual will provide what is needed for your board. A slight "flex" is acceptable though.

    Also, check to make sure you haven't over tightened the standoff's to causing it to be a little short.
  3. yeah the manual said to use all 9. i found some tiny red washers though and use a few of them to level out the standoffs. I just don't want to damage the 210 dollar board i bought. thanks!
  4. Understand that... You'll have less risk of damage by using the "washer" versus not using them and creating a possible short :(
  5. Describe "there are six spots on the inside of the case that raise up to meet with 6 of the holes on the board."

    Q - do they look like this or are they punched up in the MOBO?
  6. they are punched up into the motherboard, kinda like a little egg shape
  7. USE ELECTRICAL TAPE - cover ALL the tops & poke a small hole through the tape for the screw. Those are notorious for shorting your MOBO!!!
  8. "level out the standoffs" = G-O-O-D

    "it causes the board to flex ever so slightly" = B-A-D

    Also, standoffs should be of such a size that
    the motherboard's I/O ports align with the I/O shield
    at the rear panel.

    Sometimes those I/O shields have enough slack
    that different standoff lengths will all work.

    Just be careful when you align your motherboard with the I/O shield:
    no forcing the two together == MORE B-A-D ;(

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