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Texture corruption with new graphics card

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March 1, 2010 3:50:41 AM

I recently bought a Zotac GTX 260 amp2 and I have been noticing strange texture corruption in all of the games i have played, also when i pause the game the letters all go blocky. When i alt+tab out of the game and then go back to it, the game would become normal. I dont think the problem is the temperature since it remains at 70-75'c. I increased the fan speed and the problem occurred once when the temp was just 60'c. I tried every thing from driver reinstallation to windows reinstallation. When i put back my old xfx 8600gt the problem didnt occur, leading me to believe the fault was with the graphics card. I emailed zotac but they havent been helpful. Wish i had stuck to xfx brand for a little more price. Anyone got any solution?
Thank you

My config
Cpu: pentium dual core 2.66ghz no oc
Mobo: intel d102ggc2
Ram: transcend 2gb 400mhz
Psu: cooler master real power pro 460w
Hdd: seagate 80gb
Sony dvd drive
Os: windows xp sp3

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March 1, 2010 2:18:01 PM

Texture corruption is either heat or voltage - it tends to show up as the same failure.

The 260 has two power inputs I believe, and in various benchmarks it pulled 337 watts - thats getting a little close to your PSU limit. Thats one thought... How many PCIE power feeds does that PSU have? Are you using a converter?

Take a look at the +12v current on that supply and compare that to your graphics card requirements. Im going to speculate you are drawing near the limit of your supply.

If that checks out fine I would look intot hat motherboard. You have a fairly new graphics card and you are using a fairly old board. Im guessing thats a PCIe v1.1 slot - it should work, but you may need a bios update (I forget what version an 8800GT is). Something to look into also