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hello i have a motherboard called asus m2n-dh and cant find any drivers for my sound card:(
have tryed vista drivers but still dont work everyting else is good just sound card who does not work.. plz help me
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    Did you D/L the correct version (32 vs 64-bit)? I would open the Device Manager, expand the [+] Sound,Video... right-click & select Delete all items and restart. Upon restarting the drivers will 'should' be installed -- if there's a corruption it might be corrected.

    What OS are you running?
  2. i have tryed 2 uninstall the sound card and removed the installed driver and download vista driver but no tryd the same with xp driver..

    im using win 7ultimate 64-bit and got some sound with win own driver but i cant use my mic or headohones and the sound is bad and i mean realy bad low...

    cant afford a new motherboard.. hope some got an idea how to fix this:P
  3. The 'best' SoundMAX driver on the list is ADI1988 Audio Driver V6.10.2.6130 for Windows 64bit Vista. Official

    My next suggestion is a trouble ticket with ASUS, they clearly have more access to official drivers -

    Third Party Sites:
    Asus SoundMAX Audio Driver v Windows Vista 64-bit

    {CNET} SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio;1
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