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I've got an itch: Topic 6 - Archive (NAS)

Topic 6: Archive (NAS)

This wasn’t an original part of (my 5 part) question, but it was brought up in one of the replies.

So I ask: Do I need a separate backup/archive storage system?

I have 4 drives in each of the PC’s in my home office:

2-60GB SSDs in RAID 0 for OS/Programs: Windows 7 Ultimate, Office 2007 Enterprise, Quicken 2010, Nero 10, iTunes, Norton Security Suite, others. Only using about 22GB of space.

1-2TB HDD for data and media libraries: My Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos, using about 1TB right now.

1-2TB HDD for backups: Windows, Norton, or MS SyncToy.

I back up regularly, especially my libraries. Every once in a while I “sync” the two PC together, so all data matches between them. So I actually (may) have 4 copies of my libraries over 4 drives. Yes, redundant!

That being said, should I build/purchase a NAS? Or are my current backups enough?

I really don’t have the room for another tower, but could for a micro-ATX case. I know they don’ t need a monitor, keyboard, etc.

Build it myself, or buy one?

How large of storage?

I think I answered the question myself, but your input is welcome.
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    "should I build/purchase a NAS? Or are my current backups enough? " Seems like enough to me... grin. Maybe consider offsite backup? A fire would hurt this backup plan.

    (1) for me there is value in the backup *not* being direct connected. If anything gets thru my firewalls, it can't destroy the backup too. I backup to external drives then pull the plug. I don't automate backups though, which is my bad.

    (2) if you have a spare PC, and want to build a NAS then FREENAS might be worth researching.

    (3) A dedicated NAS box might save you enough $$ on electricity and hassle vs. the old PC that it's worth it. And might perform a bit better.
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  3. Thanks for the reply.

    I decided against. Back ups between the 2 PC has been enough. I pray for no fires!
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