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Problem cloning Win7 to SSD

I thought I'd try out an SSD driver for my system. My boot partition is less than 75gb and the 120gb OCZ Agility 3 was cheap at newegg.

I followed some simple instructions to clean up my Windows 7 Professional system, defragmented it, changed from IDE to AHCI on my Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3P motherboard's bios, made sure everything was still booting well and then used Clonezilla to clone the Windows7 partition to the new SSD. It all went fine until I rebooted the system and tried to boot from the SSD.

First I got a message that said "BOOTMGR is missing, CTRL-ALT-DELETE to restart". I found some simple instructions to fix it with my Windows 7 installation disk. I tried fixing it automatically and when that had no effect, I tried using bootrec/ fixboot and was told there was no filesystem on the SSD. I tried bootrec /rebuildbcd and got the same error.

Does anyone recognize this problem and have a solution? I would hate to have to do a fresh install of Windows 7.

My system is as follows:
Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3P
Western Digital Caviar Black hard drives (2)
8gig RAM
Radeon HD 6850
Antec Hi-Current 620w

Oh, the OCZ Agility 3 already had the latest firmware when I took it out of the package (confirmed with the OCZ tool).

Thank you for your help
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    Windows 7 makes a "System Reserved" partition on a drive when it installs. Important start up stuff is there.

    This partition doen't show up in Explore, but does in Disk Management.

    I don't recommend cloning a HDD to a SSD!I always do a fresh/clean install.

    Granted, I have all my "important" stuff backed up onto another drive, and don't mind re-installing all my programs. With a SSD, it's way faster. And I have most of my install programs copied to a HDD, because a couple of the disks are scratched. So my installs are all really fast, it's the personalized settings that slow me down.

    So, if you can, clone the System Reserved partition, else you'll have to do a fresh install.
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