Failed OC, need help (asrock z77 pro3, i5-3570k)

Hello, I am trying to overclock on an Asrock z77 pro3 board with an i5-3570k processor and an Evo cooling it. For a guide to overclocking, I used this video,, for help, even though he used an extreme4 and I use a pro3.

Basically, I made the voltage offset to +.090V and disabled CPU state and package support, set CPU ratio to all core (46), and disabbled speedstep, and set CPU load line calibration to 100%. I know I probably totally fucked up my board, but I was impulsive and fuckin stupid.

Now whenever I turn on my computer, it either gets stuck on the Asrock flash screen, or when I push f2 for the BIOS, it gets to the bios and is frozen or freezes up after I change the CPU ratio to auto or change any other setting. Sometimes, windows starts, but when I log in it bluescreens and restarts. Please help me.
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  1. I'm going to suggest here that you breadboard the system and start from the begining - far too many possible issues to readily troubleshoot as is IMO. I am assuming you have restored BIOS to defaults.
    Good luck
  2. Clear the CMOS, there is switch or a jumper located in the motherboard.
  3. There should be a button beside the power button on the motherboard. If not, check the motherboards manual to find out how to reset the CMOS data so you can revert to stock. Basically you have an overclock that isn't stable enough to boot. I'd imagine it is overheating since you randomly hit BIOS and freeze.

    I'd be more afraid if it started beeping randomly giving codes of no CPU through the speaker. Reset the CMOS and start from scratch. Don't just boost to a huge overclock like that hoping the voltage will be right. It almost never works and is the same reason most people advise to stray away from the automatic overclocking settings that most motherboards have.
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