Phenom II 965

So I think i got a pretty decent over clock on my cpu. Its a Phenom II 965 which is now running at 4.090 which is a 700mhz oc. Temps are at 53c on its hottest point during the prime95 stress test.

So the multiplier is at 19.50 with a nb frequency at 210 mhz. I feel like i might be able to get some more out if it but at the same time 4.2ghz blue screened me.

pretty good oc?

Edit: So I've cleaned out my Radiator and well it dropped my running temp about 10c. So now running in Prime it is 46c and while playing wow its at 38-39c.
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  1. I tried overclocking mine with a Hyper 212+ and my computer froze and programs started crashing on startup. Temps were fine but id love to know why this happend. Any suggestions?
  2. Looking at what you posted I would set the voltage at 1.5v which is the ceiling for the processor. If its locking up and blue screening that usually means that it isn't getting enough voltage. Once when you get that to be stable. drop it by .125v and then you should reach a stable overclock.
  3. What voltage are you at ? you can go up to 1.45 safely, 1.5 is the max i would go but you can go 1.55 if you have balls and good cooling. Also you have an unlocked multiplier so why not OC the CPU and NB using the multiplier and keep the fsb at 200, might get better stability.
  4. I tried 4Ghz and 1.4k volts.
  5. Like I said. start at 1.5v and then go down from there. you should be able to achieve 4.0ghz at about in between 1.475v and 1.5v
  6. That is a darn good OC, especially on an older board running DDR2 memory. That's a solid OC for our processor even on a newer board for most people. I'd be more than happy with that number if I were in your shoes- if you ever move over to a newer board with faster memory, then it might be worth readdressing. For now I'm impressed with what you squeezed out of it.
  7. That is the plan with part of my tax return that I'm getting. Looking at an AM3+ mb and DDR3 1600 ram along with a new power supply seeing as mine is about 5-6 years old.
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