Suggest Motherboard for my proxy n GPU

Hello people i want to buy a motherboard (asus,gigabyte or any other trust worthy brand)
my budget is around 100$ or can extend to 135$
i had a Asrock board dont ask what happened to it (really long painful story)

i need a mobo for below hardware

AMD X4 955 3.2Ghz

i want a latest n advance board which fits in budget like DDR3,USB3 etc.
also a performance based board for gaming and such that it is not outdated in few months.
and also suggest me a good brand for DDR3 ram
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  1. If you do not need any Crossfire capabilities then the Asus board, as suggested above by Jimmy, is a very good buy.. Corsair is an excellent memory brand..
  2. The M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 (second suggestion) is crossfire ready but at the higher price point. Not x16/x16 mind you, but we have to be in a certain price range.
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