Wrong ram speed?

I bought G.Skill 1333mhz ram, but Speccy and CPU-z tell me the ram is running at only 667. My motherboard is Biostar TA785G3 HD

I'm afraid to change any settings because I'm not sure if it's really running at 667, or if it's not showing it multiplied by 2. But I really don't like it reading my RAM so slow and want to know for sure what speed it's at.
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  1. You answered it yourself.. The apps are showing the base speed.. Multiply it by 2 to get the operating speed.. That is the concept of DDR (Double Data Rate) memory..
  2. DDR stands for Double Data Rate. The speed you saw in Cpu-Z is the speed for each rate. So you are running 2 x 667 = 1334 Mhz ~1333 Mhz. Your RAM is working properly.
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