Phenom ii x4 965 Overclocking - Freezes

Hello, I tried overclocking my 965 with a Hyper 212+ and my computer froze and programs started crashing on startup. Temps were fine but id love to know why this happend. Any suggestions? Have the CPU at 4Ghz and the Volts at 1.4, am i doing something wrong?
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  1. Hey :hello:

    Crashes, "blue screens", freezing and so on are all just a harmless part of the process when trying to establish a stable overclock. You aren't doing any damage to the system so long as you aren't crashing because of something like over-volting (the actual opposite of your issue I suspect). It takes everyone a few crashes at minimum to dial in the right settings- for the higher OC's like mine, I think it might have been more like a hundred crashes and a couple hours of failed startups. Just want to make sure you don't get nervous about what happened.

    I would say that 1.4v is probably just far too low for your clock speed- that's actually lower than the stock voltage. May I ask if that's what you manually set it to in BIOS, or was that read from something like CPU-Z within windows?
  2. I am using AMD Overdrive to do this, I did set the voltage to 1.4 myself. Don't know too much about OC'ing and just watched a video and did what he said.
  3. Hyper 212+ < not a great overclocking cooler be careful.
  4. Here is what i did to get my OC.

    Since I run a Asus M3A-32 motherboard I hit the Del key to go into the bios.

    Head to the advance area to the jumper free section.

    In there it pops up with setting things on either manual, auto, or overclock.

    I set it all to manual which allows me to set voltages for my ram, north bridge, and processor separately. This also opens up the options for the multiplier for my north bridge (210), ram (set to standard clocks), and the multiplier for my cpu (standard at 17x oc'ed to 19.5).

    Voltages are something you will have to look up for your own computer. My rams standard voltage is at 1.5v, your manual will tell you your north bridge voltage, and my cpu(1.43v is the base for the 965 and 1.5v is the ceiling of the chip).

    I wouldn't bo beyond the 1.5v on the cpu unless your running liquid cooling.
  5. Are you checking your temps?
  6. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Are you checking your temps?

    My temps? sit at 53c at full load in prime95. either wise during gaming its at 47-49c and 36c during idle.

    His? not sure. seems as though he hasn't been able to get it stable so might not be able to check.
  7. I would use a better cpu cooler.
  8. well cleaned out my radiator and it dropped my temps 10c. so now my running temp is at 38c and prime95 is at 46c.
  9. You are saying 49c is hot for full load? What?
  10. 49c is on the upper end of a full load. I would be watching it though if it started to creep into the 55c range.

    Edit: Which is likely to happen unless you keep your computer very clean.
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