Advice on the new gaming rig

Processor- AMD Phenom II X2 555BE(3.2Ghz,2cores,6MB L3 Cache) Rs-5000

Motherboard- MSI 785GM-E65-Rs.5000

GPU –Sapphire HD5770 1GB GDDR5-Rs10000

Monitor -Benq G2220HD-Rs7600

Cabinet- NZXT Gamma-Rs1940

PSU/SMPS- Cooler Master GX 550 PSU-Rs4430

RAM- 4(2*2GB) 1333MHz Kingston DDRIII RAM -Rs4400

HDD- 500 GB WD Blue-Rs2400

Key Board Mouse -Rs850

ODD -L.G. /Samsung DVD-Writer - Rs1100


TOTAL = Rs44,020

this is my new gaming rig.

i need advice whether this is a new rig or tell me some other products at the similar cost. i live in india.

and i want to know about whether the monitor is good for gaming, watching movies and surfing in net.

i am in a budget, so dont go very costly.

thanks in advance
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  1. Well, the mon has a 5ms refresh rate so, you should not see any ghosting during games and action movies ... 6ms is the "cutoff point" so you can go with 6ms or less. 2ms would obviously be better but I'll bet the price is right.

    5770 should be a good match and it has 1GB (good) and it is a Saphire (great!).

    You might want a better PSU but CoolerMaster is not the worst. Just make sure it has all the Crossfire connectors and is a single-rail design.

    Look at the Corsair PSUs in the 650W range (that is PLENTY for 2x Crossfire).

    The corsairs are a little pricey but SO worth it (if you can flex the budget).

    Case is fine.

    That BLUE drive ain't top notch (or best value) ... Dump it for a spinpoint or a caviar black ... worth a few bucks more.

    = Alvin =
  2. hey alvin thanks fo the advice.

    as u see i will not be crossfiring any graphics card.

    and i am not that good at psu so can u help me whether the psu that i have mentioned is enough to power the whole grid.

    i may OC the processor to unlock the rest of two cores.

    plz reply fast
  3. Rather then tell you about all kinds of PSUs which you can't afford or are in your area, why don't you tell us what you can afford and find. Please give us a list of PSUs that you can find locally/order, and that are in your budget. We can pick from that list the best one.

    Overall your build is pretty good. I'd probably try to get an x3 or x4, but thats your call.
  4. = ditto =
  5. Alvin, this is the link to the review of coolermaster GX550 psu. u see this is the best affordable option for me.
    So check whether it is good or not.

    And plz tell some advice about my benq monitor about

    whether this has good standards for fullhd gameing and movies
    whether it is durable
    whether it has good picture quality

    the link:

    And dude can u tell me whether can i max out dx11 games with this rig(not all but most)
  6. hey i can go to x3 or x4 but u see the x2 555 be is the fastes dual core cpu on planet.

    And the important thing is that it is a quad core with two cores disabled. So, in future( after 2yrs) when there would be need for quad core i can unlock it and i can still oc it to 3.6Ghz and it will be very stable. this is the link for the processor's review


    And this is the link to how to unlock the two cores(this is totally dependent on the mobo and i am pretty sure that my mobo can unlock it)

  7. the i5 670 is the fastest dual core ever but whose keeping tabs
  8. Ah ... More that new-fangled modern math.

    Well ... I will just apply for rumedial studies while you game freaks have a little fest.

    ... lemme see... uhm ... (3<2) + (CoolerMaster>Corsair) = WTF?

    = OUT ! =
  9. The 555 might be a fast CPU, but as things get more threaded you're going to want something else. And there are no guarantees that it will unlock.

    Rather then look at reviews on the manufacturers site, you should try an independent one like Jonnyguru or Hardocp. Read the Coolermaster reviews there and decide.
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