5450 vs 4530 mobility radeon

is the new ati 5450 a better gcard than 4530..
videocardbenchmark.net give precedence to 4530 but from the technical aspect it looks 5450 is better
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  1. HD 5450 is better but i don't recommend either for smooth gaming experience
  2. The 4530 is better. The shaders on the 5450 are optimized for DX11, but offer slightly worse performance in DX10 than those in the 4530. As such, the 4530 is faster in games, but is not really a gaming card. It's a good card for an HTPC, playing older games, and accelerating Blu-Ray, but definitely not for modern games.
  3. Well the OP is asking about the Mobility cards,but yes i did a search and 4530 is a little faster,thanks for your info megaman :)
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