Is XP worth Upgading to or not?????

I'm running Win Me without any major problems. All of my hardware is XP compatible. Should I bother upgrading or not???
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  1. I migrated from ME (was once a heavy 2000Pro user), and I love XP Pro.

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  2. Is this simple, if you have 2000? nahhh don't bother... if you have any of the 9x flavours. yes.
  3. why dont you try it and make a decision by yourself?
    no body's gonna tell you nothing usefull anyway..

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  4. thier is always to question of drivers not working well even thought all hardware is compatible you should make a list onf hard ware drivers and go download the new xp version that way you are ready and if you incounter problem go back to me
  5. For a compatibility check, there's also a CD out there (I think it's available at retail centers) that will check for potential problems your system may have with Windows XP.

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  6. I agree. Hell, it's all NT 5.x.

    XP just added a few features that have always been a part of *nix for the past 30 years.

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