Help!! Is my MB killing my gpu's?

Hi there,
I'm hoping someone here can help me. I have a strange problem: when I switch my computer on I am getting post error giving me 1 long beep and 3 short beeps.I get no signal to my monitor but windows loads if I press enter. I know this because I can hear the windows start up sound. If I then press the power botton I can hear windows log off. Does this mean all 3 of my vga cards are not working or could it be a motherboard/chipset or even Bios issue? If all 3 vga cards are damaged then I guess something else must have caused the damage. Anyone have any idea what could do this to 3 vga cards?

I got this problem whilst playing a game, the screen froze, I wait, then press ctr,alt + del but nothing happens. so I wait a little longer, try again and then manual reboot. Now I get no signal to my monitor. Acer p222. which I think is ok because when I plug or unplug the dvi cable it switches on to tell me there is no signal.

So far I have tried an old crappy 8500gt I had lying around. This worked it booted in to windows asked to restart a short time later and didn't get a signal again.

I have tried different combos of ram as I have 2G lying around spare and 3 gfx cards.
The only symptom of my problem is the fact that the monitor is not getting a signal.
Gfx fans work, green leds on gfx indicating power state is ok.
Can't think of anything else.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

System specs:
MB- Striker 2 formula
CPU- Intel Q6600
RAM- Corsair XMS2 800 Mhz
GFX- 2* 9800gtx+ in sli
AUDIO- Supreme FX II
PSU- Enermax Galaxy 1000w
CASE- Antec 902
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  1. ummm test your hardware before blaming something - PROPERLY

    btw from what iv seen, every time i use Corsair and ASUS motherboards its a nightmare - reset your cmos, set that ram to 1:1 and atleast 1.9v and see how that goes
  2. Have you tried another monitor?
    I was having the same problem.
    Turns out my monitors power supply was failing.
    Replaced the capacitors on the power supply and everything is fine.
  3. hi, thanks for the reply. At the moment I am unable to do anything as I have no display what-so-ever.

    Also I have been running this system for well over a year with no memory issue's. Even OC'ed to 930Mhz or so at one time. I have also run numorous tests on this system during the last year including 3dmark06, 3dmark vantage, sisoft sandra, everest, memtest, ortos and prime95 which I ran for about 22 Hrs.
  4. Hi rick, don't think it's the monitor as it switches on to tell me there is no signal then goes back into stand-by. Thanks for the suggestion though, I will try to connect my laptop to the monitor later and see what happens.
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