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Help with watercooling

Hey um I am new to modded water cooling. Like I know how to set up a solid unleaking loop but I have a question. The store I buy all my gear at stocks 1/4 coolers and at the moment they don't have the needed tubes. Is it possible to use 1/2 tubing and somehow connect them to the waterblock? I know it seems stuiped but I am sorta up a creek if I can't figure out a way haha

Cheers in advance :)
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  1. I think your getting the ID of the tube and the thread of a barb confused.

    G1/4 is pretty much the universal thread of water-cooling equipment, a G1/4 barb will screw into a G1/4 port, say on a radiator.
    The ID is the Inner Diameter of a tube, or the diameter of a barb. So if you have 1/2" tubing and a 1/2" barb, they will fit together.

    The thread and diameter of a barb are in no way linked.

    You sure you know what your doing?
  2. Haha I just noticed how that is worded. I am saying my radiator has 1/4 barbs which as far I thought used 1/4 tubing? I have an HD 220 apogee kit and want to add crossfire into the loop. However it only provides 1/2 tubes unless I am mistaking whats going on >.<.... And in question to the are you sure... at the moment.. not to much XD
  3. You sure they are 1/4" barbs? Far as I know the closest to that is 3/8".

    Is this the kit?
    According to its specs it uses 1/2" barbs.
  4. Thats a kit of what I chose :) And yes it does use 1/2 barbs. I am refering to another radiator I want to hook that into my rig with two mcw82 universal block's for the 78's. I am just curious is there a way I can use my 1/2 tubing on the 1/4 barbs? Look I just hope you can understand I am obviously getting mixed up with the legitimate names for these components.
  5. Well, if it is using 1/4" barbs, you wont be able to fit 1/2" tubing on it. You could just get some 1/2" barbs and replace them, that way you can use the 1/2" tubing.
  6. You can fit 1/2 barbs onto 1/4 so I am assuming that I am looking for a 1/4 to 1/2 barb? Or something along those lines, otherwise I can't imagine it fitting properally.
  7. Again, I think your getting confused between the thread and the diameter. Provided you havent put any barbs on that rad, there shouldnt be any barbs on it.
  8. Ok then... Kits with layed out instructions are so much easier >.< I was certain these needed to placed on the radiator and the site claims these are barbs unless I am mistaken... Also thanks for all the help thus far! Its a bit of a leap going from instructions to none XD
  9. Yep, those barbs will do.
    The 1/4 was referring to the thread, not diameter. Those are 1/2" barbs.
  10. OH ok now I understand :D!!! Thread is regarding the size of the tube and what is needed to feed what into it and the barbs are what screw into the radiator and 1/2 is the size of hole they screw into? :)
  11. Other way around, the thread is like a screw. The barb has a G1/4 thread on it, so it can screw into G1/4 ports. The ID (Inner Diameter) is how wide the tube is, and also how wide the hole in the barb is.

    This will clear some things up I think.
  12. That clears things up man. So the MCW82's use a thread size of 1/4 so could I assume that they use a barb of 1/2? So I would use 1/2 tubes not 1/4?
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    Pretty much any barb has a 1/4 thread, but that doesn't mean it be a 1/2" by default. You can also get them in smaller sizes.
    Though considering that the rest of the kit uses 1/2" barbs and tubing, you should keep to that.

    Long story short, get 1/2" barbs and tubing.
  14. Genius!! Thanks man its really really appreciated :D I feel so much more confident now!! :D
  15. There is a section in the watercooling sticky that covers this in detail, looks like where manofchalk linked the same image I have listed.
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