Upgrading CPU need help

ok im upgrading a VERY OLD Atlhon 64 x2 5600+, and i need some help,. because i need to change almost everything, that means MoBo, RAM and (the obvious) CPU

ok here it is

im looking at 2 differents CPU, one is the Atlhon II x4 630 wich i can get for $90 or maybe a little less or a Phenom II x4 955 wich i can get for around 150...

im planning to use this mostly for gaming (for what i study i only need word and powerpoint... LOL), sooo i dont have ALL THE MONEY, but im going to get 4gb DDR3 RAM, and a AM3 MoBo with SLI/Xfire (A790-GMX) setup

should i go with the cheaper CPU (the atlhon) and get a little more ram or a better mobo, or go with the phenom and get what i can... ?

help please =)

Windows 7 64bit Ultimate... 1280*720 and HD5770 1gb

the game i played are mostly CS:S, TF2, DoDS, L4D1&2 and BF:BC2, SOMETIMES i go with Crysis Wars, and of course... almost every new game that its worth playing

i want something like 45 or more FPS stable, with 55-60 im sold
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  1. The Phenom II would offer you better gaming performance but the Athlon II would probably still be sufficient. It all depends on your budget. The 5770 you mentioned should be more than enough for your needs. In fact the 5750 should be good enoough at your resolution. 4GB of RAM should also be fine.
  2. ok now i get it, i think ill stay with either the Atlhon II x4 or x3, depends on my budget... damn those 30 dollars looks like could do some difference...

    what about the "multitasking" ? what about the one more core vs more clock speed ?, woulndt the extra core be a better choice ? thinking about the future i say
  3. ok, my budget seems to be like 350 or something (400 at MAX)
  4. ct1615 said:
    if you do video encoding, the athlon II x4 would make more sense. If all you do is play games, surf the web, use MS office, you wont notice the lack of a 4th core.

    thank you, i think ill go with the x3 then and do some OC...
  5. farukool said:
    thank you, i think ill go with the x3 then and do some OC...

    Then this may be the motherboard for you:

    I would recommend the 890 chipset if the budget still allows:
    For a little bit more you get Sata 6GB and USB3 which might come in handy in the future.
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