General Purpose PC on a Budget

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Within the next 30 days BUDGET RANGE: Less than £600
SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Graphics/Web Designing, Gaming, Surfing the Internet, Watching Film/TV

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers


PARTS PREFERENCES: i7 Processor, Kingston Ram, Seagate or Western Digital HDD



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I would like a quiet PC, Possibility for Dual Monitors. The main problem I have is the Compatibility, are the parts I've selected compatible? I've also gone for the RAM and HDD that I have because I have a personal usage history and know that they won't fail, are there cheaper "as reliable" alternatives?

Asus P6T SE Socket LGA1366 Motherboard

Intel I7 920 Socket LGA1366 Processor

Kingston ValueRam 2GB PC10600 DDR3 RAM

Generic Miditower black with 500W Powersupply

Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 250GB 3.5 SATA

If you need any more information please let me know. Oh and I was thinking of Windows 7 OS but left it off the list of "Things I don't need" because I thought someone may suggest different.

Thanks in advance for your comments.
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  1. generic power supply is suicide get a respectable brand power supply like antec,corsair,seasonic,pc power&cooling or maybe ocz on a tight budget but not the modextreme or stealth extreme models they a bit iffy

    but your build is way off balance

    i think you would be better served with an i5 or amd am3 build at your budget
  2. Thanks for that info on the Power Supply, I was only going for that as it was a Tower + PS combo. I will look at the brands you recommended.

    Why is it off balance, can you give me any more ideas? I take it the motherboard and processor are compatible I just don't have enough power or balance somewhere else?
  3. Dude the i5 will do a very good job, and you could get a way better GPU


    Intel I5 750 Socket LGA1156 processor :

    Asus P7P55 LX Socket LGA1156 Motherboard:

    Kingston ValueRam 4GB Kit (2x2GB) PC10600 DDR3 ECC RAM:

    Western Digital Caviar Green 750GB:

    Sapphire Radeon HD5770 1GB VAPOR-X PCI-Express Graphics Card:

    Antec Signature 650W Continuous Power DC-DC Voltage Power Supply Unit:

    All: £629

    You really CAN'T find an i7 config and a descent GPU below £750
  4. Hey thanks for that, looks very nice, I guess though i7's being much better at the moment I will have to simply wait til I can push my budget.

  5. its off balance because the 1366 socket ideally needs 6gb ram and a good graphics card but in tern inflates the cost but as unknown said its hard to get a 1366 system under £750 but ideally i'd say more like £850
  6. Hi Obsidian, so from your point of view its the fact that I only had the 2Gb listed yes?

    I am aware of the 6Gb point for which the i7 would work better, I had full intention of making sure that that would be the very first upgrade after it is first built.

    Apart from that and the powersupply would you say that it is still just crappy (my words) :) or workable?

    Thanks for the advice by the way, I do tend to get lost in the myriad of hardware available nowadays.
  7. Core i7 uses triple-channel memory

    That means the pairs would go 3GB-6GB-12GB and up rather than dual channel ( Core i5, AM3 ) 2GB-4GB-8GB and up

    If you aren't in a hurry and want an i7 build better wait for the prices on the i7 and GPU's to go down cause AMD in about a month or month and a half is going to release the new Phenom II X6 and a new Phenom II X4 model;)
  8. So for me, on a compromise this setup would be the better, I already have a HD4650 GFX so don't need one.

    Intel I5 750 Socket LGA1156 processor : [...] CatId=3579

    Asus P7P55 LX Socket LGA1156 Motherboard: [...] CatId=3582

    Kingston ValueRam 4GB Kit (2x2GB) PC10600 DDR3 ECC RAM: [...] CatId=3199

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 250GB 3.5 SATA [...] 0&catcode=

    I already have this as GFX so i would assume that it would suffice.

    As far as the Power Supply goes, I have always used "generic" built in power supplies without a problem, I begrudge paying so much for one, I would understand it on a "TOP" end PC but for me its just too rich. I will have to see about it.

    So I take it from what you have said that this would be the best for me, if so Thanks Obsidian and Unknown for your advice :)

    *Edit - Ah thanks unknown, so in essence I could just "of course" add an extra 1 Gb to my list. But as you suggested and as I've posted here maybe I will go for the i5 for the time being.
  9. Great thanks Obsidian, that gives me food for thought, of course taking VAT into account the price is more like 680 rather than 550, but no worries.

    I will have to mull over these various builds, thank you once again for taking the time to look.
  10. thats 548.69 with vat
  11. Hi well based on the prices from the site (the red numbers) come to 579.14 and thats EXcluding vat Including VAT the price is around 680.

    Maybe my maths is wrong but it seems abit out.
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