Is a single 12 volt rail bad?

I just found a deal on selling an Antec (I heard they are a good PSU brand) NEO eco 650w for $56.99. URL- I haven't built my system yet, and all i have is a case and monitor. Here are my questions ...

1. Will this psu be able to support 4 led fans, 2 crossfire 5770's, 2x2GB of DDR3 RAM, a blue ray reader, and a quad core AMD Athalon II?

2. Will the single 12 volt rail (at 48a) give me any problems (especially with the crossfire cards)?

3. Will this PSU fit into a mid tower case (specifically the M59 NZXT gaming case)

4. Is this PSU a good choice for my system (i want to spend under 80$ for the PSU)?

5. What is the point of multiple 12v rails?

Thanks for the help :hello:
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    Yeah, 2 5770s will run fine on it, the other things dont require too much power.

    It doesnt matter if a PSU has a single rail or multiple rails, many multirail PSUs actually have them all joined into one big one anyway they just claim multiple rails because ATX spec used to require them, it no longer does.

    The PSU will fit into any regular case(not slim lines or mITX) so thats not a problem.
  2. thanks a lot hunter315!
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