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Hi guys.I want to overclock my Amd processor 4600+ 2.39 ghz...Bleah!So i went in my bios and i don't know where to overclock...Here`s a photo with bios.
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  1. google your motherboard model + overclock to read up on guides
  2. Didn't find anything...Please i`m bagging for help
  3. So nobody knows...strange and funny because it's a big site with capable mans
  4. What motherboard is it? Do you have the manual? I would think it would be in Advanced BIOS Features.

    Note: If your desktop is from a OEM Manufacturer (For example: Dell, HP) often times these manufacturers limit bios functionality(meaning no overclocking capabilities) to limit warranty request.
  5. I have HP monitor...What should i do
  6. Can you give me your exact HP Model. Like HP-Pavilion XXXX-XXXX.
  7. NOBODY CAN HELP ME?!!?!?!?!?!??!It's a professional site...
  8. Raz,

    That is the model number of your monitor not your desktop. I would need the model number of your desktop. Have you any knowledge of how to overclock? I do not recommend overclocking on stock cooling especially if this is your main computer. Although i dont know for sure if HP locked all overclocking features from the user i am going to assume they did. These manufacturers do this to keep people from damaging the system. Please look on your Tower for the model of the computer, than i can try to confirm if you can overclock or not.
  9. i have system cooling on wather ...everey is ready to overclock.iv'e done this before...but now i don't know how to get there from bios
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