Modem>serverCPUwin2003RRAS>switch>access pont?

is it possible to connect the router linksys wrt310n to the switch and make this router as an access point?
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  1. According to the following link it does support ap mode:

    Time to open the manual. :)
  2. i had a modem that directly connected to the server using routing and remote access and my server has 2 LAN. LAN1 for modem LAN2 goes to the switch to distribute the internet. now , how will i configured my linksys wrt310n as an access point? knowing it has an AP mode. i tried to connect it to switch and configure as static access point but no internet at all. all though its connected.
  3. Did you connect the port of the switch to the WAN port of the router? If not do that first. Now is the router getting a valid IP address on the WAN port?
  4. anyway thanks for the feedback, its working now, i turned it to static filling up those IP, gateways, and dns, i changed the router IP, and disable the dhcp. btw, i plugged it LAN port. now access point up.
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