If removed sticker of xp product key from CPU how i recover my original product

We have purchased Dell / Lenovo systems with legal Os windows xp (preloaded) after long time CPU's sticker has been removed / damaged and system has been formated by pirated xp , Then how i recover my original XP product key.

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  1. you cannot
  2. There should be save product key ,Giving detail of PC information to vendor, Can it possible
  3. syhedau said:
    There should be save product key ,Giving detail of PC information to vendor, Can it possible

    Where the Dell is concerned, it's a remote possibility that entering the Service Tag reference into Dell's website and asking them for the Product Key might work but I have my doubts. Lenovo don't keep such good records as Dell.

    That said, the OP would only be to reinstall using a Dell OEM XP CD. It's a lost cause really - and a cautionary tale to anyone considering buying pirated Windows software.
  4. I installed Windows proff. xp sp2 and suffer the print spooler service not working , manual i made stop /start and other possibility by me, I unable to solve this problem without formating pc. Can i solve this problem without format the pc. If possible how it will solve problem

    Thanks and Warm Regards
  5. have you checked the event logs?

    it might have info to solve the problem.

    also have you installed SP3 and .NET, the printer might require .NET

  6. Another thought - if the printer is a Lexmark that needs a Service of its own - LexBCE, I think. Even if a system used to have a Lexmark, that Service will always be required to run its Dependency, Print Spooler, even if the new printer is another make.
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