Will a ati hd 5770 on i3 run bad company 2 on high settings

i have a gigabyte h55m-ud2h motherboard,
4 gb of cosair dominator 1600mhz memory
corsair 450w psu
intel i3@2.9ghz

i was wondering which graphics card would be best for playing games like battlefield bad company 2/aliens vs predator
on highest settings
help please

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  1. If you upgrade to a bit better PSU 650 W you could definately play AVP max settings (I am right now), but that is with some overclocking done, which is what you would need to do to the i3, to at least 3.2ghz to get the maximum out of your 5770. However, yes, on "high" to "ultra" settings in BFBC2 the 5770 succeeds. Try to get your processor over 3GHZ though.
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