Hard Disk or Power Connector Error?

Hi Everyone,
Recently my 500GB WD Caviar Blue hard disk crashed. I called WD center for a replacement and got the new hard disk. I connected that hard with the help of IDE to SATA power connector and SATA DATA CABLE. As soon as i started my PC, it was all smoke inside my PC. I cut the power supply and checked. My by IDE to SATA power connector was badly damaged and heated up. It was actually burned. I was a bit tensed and finally gathered all my courage to start PC one more time to enter BIOS (Without any connection to Hard Disk). It was working fine. My PC started and everything is working fine. Now, i thought there might be some problem with power connector. I had another power connector. I connected the other power connector, and and again started the PC and the same thing happen again. This power connector also burned. Now one thing is clear to me my both power connector was fine. And also i noticed that in both the IDE to SATA power connector out of four wires (i.e. yellow, black, black, red) only one wire burned both the time and it was Red.

Right now i am using live linux and working on the same PC from past 2 hours and there is no sign of any fire or smoke.

So i want to ask is it because of Hard Disk (might be damaged) my connector got fire or is it because some problem in my power connector?
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  1. This is really strange. Red cable is 5V line. If it burned it means the drive pulled a lot of current (amps) through it.

    I presume the power connector you used is branching from the other wire/rail and there is at least one other power connector from the same "trunk"/rail (if you get what I mean) and that one is IN USE. If so, what other devices do you have connected to that connector(s)? I presume it's additional power to the GFX card.
  2. See this pic for clarification (English is not my primary language): http://img190.imageshack.us/img190/2784/pcmolexsplitter3in16361.jpg
  3. Hi amigafan,
    Yes you are right, there are five such power connector and all are interlinked. Also there is only one DVD drive attached to power supply other then motherboard. Also in the same power connector i had attached my hard disk earlier. It just like i got my replaced hard disk, plugged it in and it was all smoke. Only thing which is common is Red Wire Burned. Apart from that, my system is working fine. I am using it now from past two and half hours. Also i checked my DVD drive, it is working fine.

    So is it the Hard Disk which is causing problem..??
  4. Also, this is my system for work, so it is not having any graphics card. It is having very simple configuration needed to run basic office software.

    System Config
    ASUS PL 5 series mother board
    Intel P4 3.06GHz
    1 Gb HP DDR2 667 Hz Ram
    1 x 500 GB Hard Disk (Before the power connector work fine)
    1 x DVD ROM, HP
  5. The power supply detail is "350W ATX12V 2.2 Power Supply"
  6. How do you know that your IDE to SATA power connectors (adapters) are good? And where did you get them?
  7. Just wondering, who is the manufacturer of your power supply?
  8. @amigafan : I know my both the power adapters are good because i was using them. Before i got replacement, they were working fine. In fact, i had connected my friends SATA hard disk using this power adapter when my system is without any hard disk.

    They got smoked only after connecting replacement hard disk drive. And lets consider my first power adapter is not the good one, still the another power adapter burned in the same pattern as the before power connector (i.e. the red wire, 5V). Also my system is working fine as i am using the same system with Live Linux, and everything is working fine, my DVD ROM, My Motherboard, my Q-fan, my CPU Fan, infact when i check BIOS hardware monitor it says CPU Temp 50degree and motherboard temp 35degree which is normal temp for my system.

    So i want to ask this either my hard disk has problem or my SMPS (i.e. Power Supply).
  9. @xunicronx : Hi, the power supply i was mentioned here is quite old. It is used for Compaq/HP system. So if you dont know what is "350W ATX12V 2.2 Power Supply" google it.
  10. Sorry I cannot reliably say whether it is PSU or HDD at fault.

    Only way to be sure is to test with another brand (non WD) HDD (which is risky) or with another PSU.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, finally i think i must called the engineer for help. Or will check this hard disk on another system. Thanks a lot buddy. The support from you guys are really awesome. And used to advise my friends about your site. Keep up the good work.
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