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Ok guys so to start off I should probably tell you my CPU-AMD athlon x2 6000+.As you might guess it's already pretty old these days and it really needed a little bit of an improvement,so I decided to overclock it a bit.I read about clocking in a few sites and forums and since my BIOS didn't have basically any options to overclock the frequency,I set my Power plan to High Performance even though that was pretty pointless,and then I used Clock Gen to overclock my cpu by 170 mhz.So it went from 2992 mhz to 3167 mhz.There were results and everything looked cool until a few days ago when it suddenly started changing its frequency from 1000 to 3000 to 2500 mhz and so on.It just doesn't stay at 3 ghz and that resulted in ingame fps lag and overall slower task processing.If you could tell me what to do or at least give me some tips I will be very grateful!Thanks in advance!
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