Sudden power loss with SSD, system now sluggish.

Hey folks so the cats unplugged my rig while I was at work and upon trying to restart the system locked up at windows loading screen 3 times. When I finally got it booted the system seems sluggish and at times appears to lock up for a second or 2. All the research I can find suggests it is plausible to have data corruption in a sudden power loss situation when using an SSD but I wanted to run it past you guys before I go wiping my OS and starting all over :(
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    Based on what happened it is plausible that you have data corruption, try a OS repair install before setting everything up again!
  2. OK i will give that a shot. One thing I was advised to do when installing the OS on the SSD (idk if this applies to an OS repair) is to unplug any other hdd's other than the SSD. Thanks for the help, I am somewhat new when it comes to SSD's
  3. Unplugging the HDD is just so that it is sure that the MBR goes on the SSD, if you have the SSD as only OS drive then you should not worry about unplugging for repair!
  4. Allright, I'm going to go ahead and attempt the repair and I will let you know how it goes !
  5. what happened to the cat?
  6. Anonymous said:
    what happened to the cat?

    Haha nothing, I do love my rig but I wouldn't do anything to the cat over it. By the time I got home he wouldn't even know what he was getting punished for anyways lol. What I want to know is how he even got the cord out of the PSU, mine fits pretty damn snug.
  7. Rolli thanks for the suggestion. She seems to be running alot smoother and I didn't have to wipe my OS, can't believe I didn't think of a repair install lol.
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