Best case for noctua nh 14d

i have a i7 930 and dx58so in a thermaltake v3 tower. can anyone suggest a full size tower that will fit the noctua nh 14d . currently looking at a corsair obsidian 700d, but the $$$.
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  1. The Antec 1200 will fit the bill.
  2. Yep the Antec 1200 or CoolerMaster Haf 932 would either one be a great choice. I have the 1200 and love it.
  3. The Obsidian 700D is a great case for water cooling but a BAD case for air cooling. There are a lot of better options. Some of them are the following ones:


    ANTEC 1200


    LIAN LI X1000
  4. Decided to go with the CoolerMaster HAF 932. Thanks to everyone for the recomendations.
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