Intel motherboard switches on-off

My Intel motherboard has refused to display anything on screen after a power fluctuation. Now it goes on (fans) as you plug-in to wall outlet. I have tried to reset, remove all memory chips, disconnect all drives but it behaves the same way. Fans turns on for some seconds, goes off then back on forever. No beeps, nothing on screen.
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  1. Tried a BIOS rest to default by removing the CMOS battery?
    If so, have you tried adding a VGA in the expansion slot and then boot?
  2. Sorry to be the bad news delivery guy but if you didnt have it plugged into a surge protecter your mobo is more than likely toast
    it happened to me with my first pc lesson learned

    oh and not every power strip has a surge protector just thought you should know
  3. Might be worth checking with another PSU if you have a spare one.
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