Overclockers UK - worlds worse customer service

Ok 1st off let me just say i know that whoever you buy your parts from you run the risk of getting a faulty part as every company has a dud now and again.

Right with that out the way im posting here to highlight just how badly building a custom pc can go if it does go wrong and you buy your parts from OcUK (overclocker uk).

THere is a lot of info here so bare with me, i have had to make a detailed account of everything that has happened so far since i started to build my 2nd custom computer in november 2009

SO here is the diary

23rd nov ordered parts to build a new computer
25th nov put computer together but was unstable (in excess of 100 BSODs freezes crashes etc over this process)
25th nov phoned OCUK tech support for help was informed that it was likely to be a psu not able to provide enough power
25TH nov ordered new psu to fix the possible causes of preivious problems.
26th nov revieced a reply to a forum post telling me that faulty RAM was causing the problem
26th nov phoned OCUK to explain all the problems and request and RMA number for a refund and asked them to recomend a compatable
replacement from a brand i trusted (corsair)
26th nov ordered new RECOMENDED! RAM from the trusted brand (corsair) and posted the faulty OCZ RAM back to OCUK.
28th nov new RAM (corsair) arrived and i installed it in the machine
28th nov still experienced problems with the computer not functioning properly
1st dec Refund given for the faulty OCZ RAM

1st dec onwards
still having problems with the computer, made several calls to OCUK tech support who told me to test my components
tested RAM with memtest86 and with windows memory diagnostics tool came back as PASSING all tests
tested the seagate hard disk and that PASSED all tests as well from seatools hard disk diagnostic

phoned up OCUK again to report my findings and that i was still experiencing problems with the computer
they told me to test the CPU

tested the CPU which PASSED as well according to OCUK (based on 6 hours of stress testing with prime95
and realtemp)
22nd feb After a ton more of forum posts some1 points out that the corsair ram i have isnt on any compatability list so i call up
ocuk to ask for a refund as this was not what i asked for which they said they couldnt do as its not faulty
23th feb filled out a complaints form online explaining that i was recomended a different product than what i asked.
26th feb phoned OCUK to explain the problems i was still experiencing and all the tests they told me to run and
what my reults were.
Was told that this sounded like a faulty mobo (MSI) and was advised to send the board back to them for testing.
So as i was advised i asked for another RMA number to send back the mobo for a refund and order different
parts which basicaly ment giving up on this 1 and buying a new computer.

27th feb ordered new gigabyte mobo a cpu, heatsink and ram to build the new computer
1st march i get an RMA number for the corsair ram
1st march checked the progress of the MSI mobo RMA to find that the result was that they tested it and declared it as not
faulty and sent it back to me which cost extra.

1st march New parts arrive and so i installed all of them but machine started producing smoke
2nd march took a while figuring out what had blown and it was the PSU which has also fried the mobo and the video card smelt burned as well
3rd march RMAd a faulty PSU and a mobo which was burned out by the PSU and the corsair ram and the smelly video card
5th march recieved replacement gigabyte mobo and the video card game back as they said it was fine
5th march chcked the progress of the PSU RMA to find out "we are waiting for a replacement from our supplier"
i phone ocuk to ask what this means am i told that they sent my psu back to corsair for them to send a replacement which when they get it would be sent to me
and this could take up to 28 WORKING days (thats over 1 calendar month) and theres nothing they can do about it
5th march i send ANOTHER complaint from to thier system explaining that under staturatory instrument 3045
The Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002
article 48B Repair or replacement of the goods
(2) If the buyer requires the seller to repair or replace the goods, the seller must -

(a) repair or, as the case may be, replace the goods within a reasonable time but without causing significant inconvenience to the buyer;

(b) bear any necessary costs incurred in doing so (including in particular the cost of any labour, materials or postage).

and that 28 days was not in accordance with (a)
and that i requested them to reimburse me for the postage costs for sending them the faulty PSU and MOBO in accordance with (b)

9th march revieced replacement psu
9th march installed PSU in computer
9th march got mobo out of packaging to find it had a few damaged pins
9th march phoned up OCUK and explained i had been sent a damaged motherboard and i wished for a replacement, i spoke to JAMES at thier office
he issued me with another RMA number and told me he would get it looked at as soon as possible due to the long running problems i had been experiencing.
10th march posted mobo
11th march checked progress of RMA online and discovered it was being sent back instead of replaced
12th march phoned OCUK to ask why, was told that they wouldnt replace it on the grounds that bent pins in the socket voids the warranty. They claim i was told that i had been informed this would happenof this when i requested the RMA and that i insisted in sending it anyway (which was not the case)
Had i been informed of this why would i want to waste the £8.65 sending it to them pay £10 fee for them looking at it + postage back to me + VAT

TO this day i am still waiting for them to issue me a refund on the Corsair memory and i have not recieved a reply about my request for reimbursement for the postage costs
i incurred when sending back the faulty items.

well thats all of it im having to create this diary of details due to my involvement with the citizens advice bureau as well as trading standards.
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  1. Firstly I am sorry to hear of your problems with overclockers - they have always been very good with my kit that I have purchased from them many times in the past.

    I too have experience shoddy customer service in the past (scan) but please bear in mind with many faulty items they are required to be tested before being replaced - after all it could easily be an installation error. While overclockers can test the majority of parts on site PSU's require some very expensive test equipment - after all the fault my be low voltage on one or more rails. Corsair or any other PSU manufacturer will have test equipment, hence the quoted 28 days for test / replacement.

    You could have eaisly contacted Corsair directly - and they would be happy to deal with individual customers.

    The problem with your RAM not being on the compatible list for your mobo, just means they havent tested it - chances are in most cases it will work fine. I have my P6T with OCZ RAM and have no problems - to my knowledge the modules I use are not on the manufacturers compatable list.

    For anyone wishing to build a pc - especially and expensive one there is only 100% way to be sure and that is stick the what the manufacturer recommends.
  2. I build a machine with parts i ordered from ocuk back in 2005 and that worked without a problem, its only when things dont work out that theres problems there.

    I know that items need to be tested as its only fair to prove that a fault exists before they replace them.

    The point is that its not my responsibility to contact corsair or any of the manufacturers UK law states that my contract is with the seller who in this instance is ocuk and it is therefore thier responsibility, and then if they wish they must deal with the manufacturer.

    I know what the compatability list is for, its to affrim that these parts work NOT to say everything else doesnt.
    The RAM issue was that i asked them to point me to a set that was on the list i was given CMD4GX3M2A1600C8 when i should have been given CMX4GX3M2A1600C8
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