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Just installed new PSU at 500 Watts...installed msi N9800Gt 1gb are openeing slowly PC just not running correctly as in slow performance,,,I play SWG and teh FPS did go up slightly but not crazy ...was running 5-30 fps on ATI Radeon 2400XT not 5-40 not consistant. Game is still choppy at times..tried setting the graphics card settings higher as in clock speed..memory clock crashed ...cannot set core clock will not let me but I was supposed to be able to ..latest drivers installed ..installed correctly..should I have stuck with ATI since that what came with the PC? Any clues or help appreciated.

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  1. Did you uninstall the ATI drivers before installing the 9800GT?

    Start by doing that, then install the nVidia drivers (you might need driver sweeper).

  2. Yes sir....uninstalled everything....double checked.....i thought this card would really be a nice set I dont know.
  3. What CPU do you have? Any specs to share?

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