PSU issues?

I've been having some odd issues with my PC over the past bit and haven't been able to find a solution. At this point I assume its the PSU but thought I would ask.

To get my computer to boot, I have to turn the PSU off in the back of the pc, turn it back on, then hit the power button in the front after 5 seconds. Usually this will boot the PC, but as of late it has taken a few too many tries.

If the PC doesn't boot, the blue LED on the PSU will blink and look like it's struggling to turn on, I assume it is the PSU as I have replaced the processor, ram and video card through normal upgrades over the past couple of months, and this has had no effect.

Any suggestions would be great.

Thank you .
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  1. It sounds like the PSU is the problem. What power supply do you have, and system specs if possible?
  2. It definitely sounds like a PSU issue. Its possible that you are overloading your PSU or it may just be faulty. Either way you'll likely need a new one so if you post your full system specs we can recommend one suitable for your needs.
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