What reasonable OC should I expect from my i5-3570K

Title says it all. I have it running at 4.3ghz without a voltage bump and the temp under load is around 50-55C. How high can I reasonably go?
My setup:
CPU: i5-3570k
Cooling: H80
RAM: Vengeance DDR3-1600

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  1. With that watercooler, I would say if you are smart about it, 4.7 should be the max you will still be stable. Idk why you would need it that fast though. Haha
  2. I was hoping to set it at 4.6ghz and call it a day. So that sounds doable :D
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    depends on the chip; despite being the same model, not all cpus are created equal and OCs differently. so no way of fully knowing till you give it a try.

    4.2-4.3 is usually around the spot when you're expected to raise voltage and hence more heat, which is worse in IB's case. though if you're extremely lucky, like one forum user here, you can hit 4.5 without a hitch, on air cooling alone. above that, many would advise you to invest in a custom water loop.
  4. Good stuff. I wanna make this thing hum!
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  6. Yeah the H80 is a pretty decent cooler. It will get you temps of around the best air cooler. I'd say your tops would be about 4.7-4.9Ghz. I've got mine at 4.7Ghz on air with the Scynthe Ninja 3 CPU Cooler. And I'm sure an H80 knocks 1-3C off so you should be able to go at least 100Mhz higher than me. THat is if your CPU can take it. I've managed to get a fairly decent chip and I only run 84C tops on the hottest core. So around 80C average. If you can keep yours under 90C that would be ideal.
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