WD1002FAEX - drops to 1 MB/sec read speed. Why ?

Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping someone can help me with this one. I've googled a lot, but haven't found a viable solution there. I'll be short.

I have gotten a new PC, coming up with a WD1002FAEX HDD. At some points it looked like it's choking so I did some tests.
The read speed drops sometimes to a "fascinating" 1 MB/sec.


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In the same time I added a secondary HDD, my Samsung HD103SJ from my old PC, and that one didn't drop under 90MB/sec!

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The WD HDD has been formatted around 2 months ago. I even defragmented the partitions. The WD should be far better than my Samsung! What can be the cause for this ?

Appreciate any help you can give me :)

Thank you!

Other details:

OS: Windows 7 64bit
MB: M4A87TD EVO with latest chipset drivers
CPU: AMD Phenom X6 1090T
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  1. I am having this problem also with a slightly different HDD but It is a WDC black edition also. I am unsure of what is causing it and what will fix it if anyone can help either of us.

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