My wireless internet stopped working!!!

ok well i use linksys by cisco usb flash and i have three desktops and they all used to work but now only one of them connects and the two others dont
my computer used to say searching for networks in your range and would find "linksys" as my main connection and thats how i would connect now my computer cant access "linksys" anymore its like it dissapeared...i have tried uninstalling and restarting my computer please help me asap:)
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  1. What channel are u on? Guessing by the ESSID name, Linksys, it probably is channel 6. Try the channels at the beginning and end of the 2.4Ghz WiFi (unless your using N @ 5Ghz of course) spectrum, 1 or 11.

    If the no worky, power-cycle the router. If problems persist try upgrading the firmware; you should do this anyway if there is an update. WiFi routers tend to be really buggy and full of glitches and are constantly updated.
  2. :non:
    I am using the 2.4ghz and it says channel is auto and sometimes channel 11 how can i update the firmware?
  3. P.S!!!
    I have also tried to restart the computer and wireless linksys but nothing has worked not even the little green light wants to turn wont search for signal where i'm located but it will in other parts of the house....
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