Which sound card suitable for Z2300s?

I've been thinking about what sound card to get recentley, and I know that I don't need the best sound card if I've only going Z2300's, so what's the best suitable sound card I can get for these speakers?

I had a look at the Xonar STX and the Titanium HD, I'm not going to get those but if I did how would they work with my speakers? They seem to connect to those RCA cables, not the green coloured ones you usually see with pc speakers?

I just want the best sound card that will make the most of my speakers and nothing more

Thanks for the help
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  1. Those speakers aren't high enough of quality to benefit from a sound card.

    Don't get me wrong - those aren't bad speakers, but integrated audio is (for the most part) good enough that you'd have to spend a rather incredible amount on speakers before you'd start to notice a difference.
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