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Hey guys I’ve had a lot of problems buying RAM for my system so I want to ask some advice. I’m running an AMD system 965 BE and Asus crosshair formula III. I only have two RAM slots available due to large cpu cooler. I have a budget of £140. Can someone suggest the best ram to get.

I had that RAM in mind but wasn’t sure if it was suitable for an AMD system .

Thanks guys
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    It should work fine without problems(though it isn't in the motherboard's QVL list)
  2. I would verify via Corsair support before purchasing.

    Tested Corsair

    Also, for an x4 1600 is max, so I feel that RAM is overkill considering it's meant to be OC beyond 1600 MHz.
  3. Thanks for that link, was really useful. All the ram that it comes back with kind of suck :/ shame really
  4. or this one which is the same apart from it has BEMP and not XMP: isnt on the QVL list. Which would be better?
  5. ^As long as they are on either the Certified {QVL} list or Tested list you're a-okay!

    Don't pay too much attention to XMP, it is more of a problem than a solution; 90% of the time you end up manually setting anyway. Post here and someone can walk you through it. 5 minute process...
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