How to install Windows XP on Asus P6X58D MB with Intel i7 2.8GHz CPU

Hello Tom & Crew...

I spent the last day building a system with the following configurations..

1 Asus P6X58D MB
1 Intel Core i7-930 Processor (8M Cache, 2.80 GHz, 4.80 GT/s Intel QPI)
1 Western Digital Cavair SE16 500 GB Serial ATA - 7200 RPM/16MB/SATA3G HDD
3 x 1 GB CORSAIR XMS DDR3 RAM (Platinum Series) total 3GB
1 ATI Radeon HD 4650 PCI-e 2.0 W/1GB GDDR2 MEMORY VGA CARD
1 Freezer 7Pro Rev.2 CPU FAN
1 Ultra XBlaster ATX Mid-Tower PC Case

My problem is, I partitioned the Western Digital 500 GB HDD in 2 parts NTFs that would be 235 & 235 gb.
On start up the computer says no hard drive found it continues then
got to the cd & start loading files to setup windows.
installation took me to the screen where it shows only C: drive available with 132 GB space
I am lost here, it continued the installation, some of the files it copied and some it didn't.
I would say it copied 99.999% of the files only 2 times I had to press the escape key.
now the computer restart to continue the installation and it repeat the same thing over & over.

Is there something that I am doing wrong, or is there something I am missing..

I am pressed for time and require some help here, please, if any one know a way around this please help me..and thanks a million in advance...

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  1. On a regular reformat/installation....

    1) Insert disk
    2) Boot from disk
    3) It will load a few things before going to partitioning area
    4) You should see ~500 GB unpartitioned

    Try this:

    5) Create the two partitions that you want
    6) Don't format either partition yet
    7) Install XP on C: (format NTFS Quick)

    You can format D: from within 'My Computer.'

    If that doesn't work, there's a chance the disk might have a tiny scratch. (This happens to me more than you could imagine)

    You could also do a full NTFS format (If you're already doing quick) to check for damaged sectors.

    Or...the HDD might not be connected properly. (In this case, someone else will need to help you with hardware issues) Don't be to critical if you have already done this; I'm just trying to throw out my small amount of non-expert knowledge since you're strapped for time.
  2. If you are only able to see 132 gig of your hard drive, you have a very old pre SP1 version of XP. It can only see hard drives up to 137 gig (it will vary a little depending on the particular drive and how you have it formatted) it is a limitation of the OS.
    Do a Google search about creating an XP install disk with SP1 incorporated into it already, this is called "slipstreaming".
    But, this will not create an error making the OS not able to install.
    The error could be caused by a bad memory stick, remove all but 1 stick and try.
  3. Are you using a very old copy of Windows (no serivce pack)?
    You also didn't say what power supply you're using?
  4. Thanks guys for your kind and quick reply, I will try and answer all in one...
    1. I can agree that the disk I am using might have a slight scratch, & it's an older version of windows xp, so therefore I think I will have to buy a later version then,

    2. The power supply I am using is a spanking new COOL MASTER eXtreme Power Plus boasting 550w.

    3. hi arizona_cards_11 I will try your suggestion regarding partition & formatting the 500 GB drive...

    I you gentle people have any more suggestion I am willing to try the very best options, not that all is not welcome, it's a good think we all don't think alike yet it's good when we can come to one decision..

    Thanks again guys..

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