New GC & PC Crashes

Hi All,, I have just installed a new inno3D GTS Geforce 250 1gb graphics card on windows 7 with quad 2.4ghz and 4gb ram - everything seems fine, but when I load MW2, the game starts plays for 10 - 30 seconds then the PC crashes and restarts. I have tried removing the old ATI drivers and have installed drivers from disk. Any ideas? Thanks
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  1. Overheating GPU ?,Which is ur powersupply?
  2. What driver version is on the disc? Chances are it's not the latest which is 196.34
  3. Thanks - I upgraded the drivers and so far seems to have fixed the problem. Not sure of the power supply but will look at if it happens again. Big Thanks ;)
  4. Shweet, I hope it keeps working for you.
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