CM 690 II Adv & CM Storm Sniper

Hello all,

I've narrowed down my search for a new case between the CM 690 II Adv and the Storm Sniper. The 690 II Adv looks like it has tons of features, and I was wondering how many advantages the Sniper has over it.

My build will include a HD 5850 (and a second to be CF'd in the future in this case) and a CM hyper 212+ on the CPU (no water cooling anywhere in the case). Personally, I prefer the looks of the Sniper, but I'm not sure if that justifies the $55 (shipped) differential between the two on newegg. So, should I buy the Storm Sniper? How much better is the cooling on it? How much more solid is the construction? What other advantages does it have, besides being larger and having a handle on the top?

Thanks for your time!
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  1. It's a tough call since both more than meet the requirements of keeping your system cool and provide plenty of room for expansion.
    Here are a couple of reviews from Hardware Secrets website. About as close to a head-to-head comparison as you can get.
    CM Storm Sniper Black Edition and Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced
  2. Both are high quality cases. Anyway, I would go for the 690II Adv. The value/performance ratio is unbeatable.

    Here you have some video reviews:

    690 II Adv.

  3. If you want to CF then what's your motherboard? The Placement of PCI-e slots may necessitate a case with 8 PCI slots, while both the sniper and 690 II Adv. have only the standard 7!
    If possible, I say wait for the HAF X, it will have 9 slots and tons of features !
  4. Wait? LIAN LI PC-P80 is available now and it has 10 expansion slots available.

    But if the OP is questioning the value of a $130 case vs a $80 case he's not likely to be interested in a $250+ cases.
    And the CM 690 II Adv had the 7 plus 1 expansion slot thing going on anyway.
  5. Here's my mobo:

    Are the slots an issue with this mobo? I hadn't even considered that!

    Also, when's the HAF X coming out, and about how much will it retail for? I do like the current HAF cases, but the styling / non black interior / lack of filters turns me off - maybe this new version will change those!
  6. No issues there.
    You only need to count up the number of expansion slots on the motherboard.
    Either that, or just match an ATX form factor motherboard with a ATX case.
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    Your mobo's placement of PCI-e slots is perfect fo 2 way CF, any case with the standard 7 slots is a go.
    I don't know about the pricing, but see this for some details about the HAF X:
  8. Thanks for the replies guys - I'll hold off buying a case until the HAF X and new antec series come out this summer. However, between the Sniper BE and 690 II Adv, I'd go with the Sniper - I just love the way it looks, and better out-of-box cooling is always nice!
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