ATI Realtek HDMI Audio Driver 5.1 issue

Hello, thanks in advance for any replys.
Heres the issue: I just bought a 5.1 system. its configured like this. 4850HD hdmi> Television hdmi and then thats connected to an SAT which is then connected to the reciever. So when watching television on the SAT, all is good. When connected via PC and hdmi, not so much. The driver only allows me to configure the speakers as STEREO. this does not mean that it outputs only the stereo speakers, all of them work and output sound. They just sound wierd because the frequencies are messed up, the back speakers im sure are not outputting the right sounds, and the front left and right are outputting to much bass that i believe my subwoofer should be. Please inform me if im wrong. I believe that because i dont have an actual sound card or onboard sound and cannot connect the reciever directly to my computer that this may in fact be a the issue, however this will costs money, and isnt cool. Again any help would be much appreciated and just ask if you need more info.

im on vista 32bit with 4850HD as my only primary sound device
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  1. You have to change it thru your native motherboard audio drivers. Then it should sound properly.

    I have similar problem myself but that is because I have only sterio out and no hdmi in. So i have a 5.4 hookup that is going thru stereo and is converterted into a 5.4 sound, which is more than a little off.

    But for you, fixing your issue should be as easy as going to properties of your sound in windows and tinkering until you find the speaker set up and set it up as a 5.1 setup.

    good luck
  2. how would u change it via native motherboard audio drivers? like my intigrated sigmatel audio is diabaled in the bios at the moment. it is 5.1 inigrated audio however a couple weeks ago i put a sound system through it which slaughtered some aspect of my onboard sound, physically on the hardware on the motherboard or something intensly complex regarding software. The sound device manager displays that it works and sound is being distributed to speakers, however there is not. its not the speakers either, i swaped my friends soundcard in there to see and they function. then i got an HDMI cable and the rest is history. so basically bios cannot help me, and also the last bit of your post regarding Properties in the sound in wondows to get the correct set-up. are you talking about the configuration button on the left that configures your set-up to stereo, headphones, quad, 5.1, and 7.1 ect? because i already said I only get a stereo configuration and it seems that anyone with an ATI HDMI card will only recieve a stereo option unless they have the reciever hooked directly to the PC which in my case it is the TV instead and frankly impossible to do for me unless i buy a sound card. If anyone knows a program that can decode this mess and understands what im going through, please help!!! or any other feedback/info

    Thanks. again!
  3. Enable it through bios and set it up, the graphics cards audio runs through your onboard sound.
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