i have a dh55tc intel motherboard, i5 processor with 8gb ram, 1 TB hdd. Can i install win 2k8 R2 on my machine....if not what are the other option? imean can i install hyper v , vm ware, virtual pc or something like that
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  1. Yes, you can do all of the above on that Mobo and Processor..... :)
    The question is why would you want Win2k8 on it?
    Since driver availability for that is very limited...... it's saner to go with another Server base or then with another Mobo and Processor....
    Although you could go for the 64Bit Vista Edition and use VMware and VirtualBox for the other server purposes.....
  2. Thanx for the reply.....

    The thing is I've recently started working on Sharepoint....I'm still under training and they are teaching me WSS3 and in future MOSS and Sharepoint 2010.
    And they are using Hyper V on Windows Server 2008 R2.
    I bought this PC last week itself so no chance of changing motherboard or processor so asking for alternates. So which server base should i use according to u?? Does Windows 7 has any of these features?
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    Hyper V is Virtualization..... so if you have a processor with Virtualization enabled, it will support it.
    Yes, Win7 does support Virtualization and you can install win2k8 on the virtual machine you make on a Win7 machine.....
    That would be a lot more easier and less complicated....
    Go for installing the base system of win vista or win7 whichever you like more :)
    Then install VMware and start it, use the win2k8 for that Virtual machine and you can start off with easy......
  4. Yes i m going to do it this weekend..i'll let u know if this works
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