HD 4850 Overheating!


recently my HD 4850 is getting about 110+°C Idle(now) 85°C
I noticed my COmputer just turning off when playing some Games. (L4D²,Stalker Call of Pripyat)
This is not happening in COD:MW2 and Bioshock 2 I think because of lower graphics consumption.
(also Fan is less noisy while palying these Games)

I already removed my Card and look if the Fan had too much Dust in it but there was just some itchy black dust on the rifles.

What could be the problem Here?
Just recently happening!

Need more Info? tell me

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  1. well you said it yourself (in the title) its overheating, 85C idle is rediculous, my 5850 gets to 55C whilst playing codmw2 at just 29% fan speed.

    What you need to do is to manually set the fan speed in CCC to about 50% and see how you get on.

    Also other things you could do are to improve cable management, get better fans for your case or even get a case with better air flow.
  2. Fan speed 60%
    Temp 77°C Windows

    Problem is:
    before it switched Fan speed automatically and when inGame it already turned up to 100% still turning the PC off

    I think there was a time where it was 90°C Idle....could there be more Dust anywhere inside the Fan?

    EDIT 5mins L4D² --> Fan goes back to 100% and temperature 107°C and raising
  3. Wow.....uhmmm...
    I would take the casing off the 4850 and clean the fan and the heatsink and also remove the old thermal paste and apply some quality thermal paste like MX-2 or Arctic Silver 5.

    Clean all the case fans, make sure theres good airflow in the case.
  4. So,

    I added another Fan to my PC
    cleaned the Fan of the Graphics Card

    and now playing, seems to run stable at 109°C...testing more
  5. 109C will do some serious damage to the card, is it still under warranty?
  6. 109c is still too hot. I replaced the stock HS on my Sapphire 4850. It was hitting 105-110c as well. It would overheat and crash. I even tried re-applying the thermal compound and blew it out.... just bad design. I bought a Zalman VF1000 after-market HS and the temps dropped dramatically. It never broke 50c under load after the upgrade.

  7. bought August 2008 so I guess no warranty...
  8. What happens when you leave the side of the case off? Do the temps drop??
  9. U need to check if the heatsink is TIGHLY on and apply new thermal paste and clean ALL dust.
    Hey guy could it be voltage problems? Bad PSU? no?
  10. I left the case open but that didn't lower the temperature.
    Umm how do I get to the (graphics)Processor to apply new thermal paste?
    I don't want to doctor on my Hardware if this isn't safe.
  11. At 109C its going to die soon anyway, so you might aswell try and save it

    Basically I dont think any thermal paste can save your card, you need an aftermarket cooler
    Here's a video of some dude installing an aftermarket cooler on a HD4850

    I have no idea what he's saying either, but its really simple and easy and will most certainly help alot with your temps.

    P.S The gloves are not needed.......
  12. ok I think I need a new cooler

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