Can I add drive to existing drive in raid 0

Hi, my plan is to buy one HDD now with the plan of getting a second later. Is it possible to add this second one to the first and put them in raid 0?

More specifically, will putting them in raid 0 keep all the data on that first drive and automatically transfer it as if I had the raid 0 the whole time?

Would I have to take everything from first drive and put it on a backup drive, then wipe first drive, then put everything back onto the new raid 0 setup?

Thanks for any explanation of this guys!
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  1. It will wipe the Data, so it has to be reloaded.
  2. Thanks for such a fast reply!
  3. i have s ssd in raid o,but need more space,can i add a third in raid o,if so will i allso need to transfear data ,then back to all 3 ,please advise thank you
  4. Anytime you want to add disks to a RAID 0, it is just like starting over. You can certainly add the other drive, but you must delete the current array (destroying all the data on it) and then rebuild the array with the new drive(s). If you backed up/imaged the data from the old array, you'd then copy it back to the new one.
  5. Your RAID contoller must support RAID expansion, otherwise you'll need to recreate your array from scratch.
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