I think my soundcard is causing my Pc to freeze when playing a game

Hey guys,

I think I may have a sound card problem. anytime I try to play a game, any game. my Pc freezes or bsod's and repeats the last part of a word or sound effect in my game, but the weird thing is it only happens once and then I can game on for hours on end.

I find it particularly Odd that it would only happen once and then everything work like it supposed to after I restart my computer.
It is also very frustrating to me that I have to restart it once for games to work, and this happens with all the games I have tried, Battlefield BC2,portal GTA4 and killing floor

my specs.

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit
Processor: AMD phenom II X4 940 ~3.0 GHz
Memory: 8190MB RAM
Graphics: 2 nvidia GTX 275s
Sound: C Media PCI 3d Audio device

I have also never had this problem with my old Hard drive. the only thing different it that It had different audio drivers.

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  1. Remove your sound card and see if the problem persists. If it does, then I'd try updating the sound card drivers.
  2. I removed my sound card and the problem has went away and my PC didn't freeze or Bsod. so the problem seems to be coming from my sound card.

    and I checked my drivers for my sound card and it says that they are up to date.
  3. Then RMA your card. Or if unable to do so, get a new one.
  4. Too many devices running on the same IRQ number.

    Bork !
  5. If you removed the card and the problem was gone, then either the card is faulty (RMA like ksampanna offered) BUT...
    before this, I would try different drivers and see if that helps.
    usually drivers cause PCs to crash / freeze or just act in a wierd way :D
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