Hard Drive Cache ?

What basically is Hard Drive Cache Memory?

How important is it with a gaming system?

... in example
16MB cache to 32MB cache?
32MB cache to 64MB cache?
16MB cache to 64MB cache?
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    The hard drive cache has absolutely no bearing on gaming.

    You can Google it, or Wiki it but basically it's not that important at all. Just buy the hard drive that fits your budget and capacity needs.

    Even the difference between a 5400RPM and 7200RPM isn't that big for game loading times. Probably no more than 10%.
  2. This explains it better than I can but the bigger the disk the more cache it will need
  3. alright that's pretty much what i figured. so basically if I had the choice, what hard drive should I get. Preferably a smaller capacity, like 320-500GB with 10,000RPM ? (if possible)
  4. Very true, alright guys thank you very much.
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