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I work on a Lenovo tinkpad, & I get in do fix it, it blue screens on all sake mode repair mode & reset all blue screen says if can't fine any HDD, I have came down to taking out the cmos bat., it's inder the ram, but can't get the door open I taken the screw out back can't get it open the ine r so fine can't get a small screw driver under it anywhere, any one witha idea to get in I thanks you
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  1. Have you tried jewelry screwdrivers? some of them are very small and may help... a basic set is very inexpensive. Also try sliding the door with your fingers to every possible direction as it may be slide-open.

    Do you have reason to suspect the cmos battery? does the bios time get lost?.. time loss is probably the most common symptom of a low cmos-bios battery.

    A few things to consider if you're not absolutely sure the battery is the cause:
    1) How old is your thinkpad? age would be reasonable cause to suspect the battery, the hard drive or the data cable.

    2) Does it have IDE or SATA hard drive. If IDE, the hard drive digital cable may be lose, or reconfiguring the jumper between MA and CS (Master or Cable Select). I used to get this "no hd detected" message on an older PC with a failing IDE Hard Drive and switching the jumper between MA & CS and back when it happened again helped every time.

    3) Another thing to suspect would be the AC-DC power adapter... (the power supply on my old pc was also weak, so both conditions probably contributed) Note: PSU on PCs or power adapter on laptops.. both serve the same puropose and give similar symptoms.

    Check the seagate website article for other possible causes.
    The BIOS does not detect or recognize the ATA / SATA hard drive
    1. Drive not enabled in the BIOS
    2. Serial ATA drivers are not properly installed
    3. Faulty or unplugged data cable
    4. Drive is not spinning up
    5. Incorrect jumper settings on the drive
    6. Faulty hard drive

    List of symptoms that indicate a faulty power supply
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