Will a Antec EarthWatts 500W power my system?

My specs:
Asus P5N73-AM
4gb of mem
260 gtx
QuadCore Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300
Antec EarthWatts 500W

Will my power supply handle it?
By the way, can the 500w also power a 275 gtx with my system?
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  1. Easily, with the upgraded video card as well
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    Yes, without any doubt.
    The Antec EarthWatts 500W (EA500-EC) is a great PSU which has been made by Seasonic. It can deliver up to 575 W at below 50º C. It has a high efficiency (82%-85% until 400W). The voltage regulation on the +12V is excellent providing 408W on the two 12V rails (2x17A).
    It provides two power cables for video cards.
    It presents very low electrical noise level and run very quiet.
    We made a great choice buying this PSU.

    Note that, nowadays, the available ANTEC EarthWatts 500W is the EA-500D model which is built by Delta Electronics and provide 408W max. on the two 12V rails (2x22A).
  3. Excellent PSU, and not too expensive either. There are of course other quality choices, but one might consider the cost of an Antec Earthwatts the minimum one should spend for a new build; the quality you get is far from "minimum."
  4. you should fine with that psu....i did a rough calculation on power supply wattage needed for your rig..., and with the current configuration of your rig, you should get around 350 watt psu...350 should give you a bit of extrra power...but i would get something like you are looking at 500watts. and give you future proof upgrades too...

    the antec earthwatts 500 is a great choice

    here is another that looks great too-

    seasonic also makes psu,s for numerous manufacturers , like corsair, etc
  5. Antec have a PSU calculator on their website, actually. You'll find it under 'Support' at the top of their home page. Of course it might tend to nudge you towards a bigger supply than you absolutely need...or am I being over-suspicious?
  6. Yup. Good choice with earthwatts!
  7. Are you planning on overclocking the processor or videocard rememember as you add voltage to those bad boys that Power requirements Skyrocket and the Earthwatts 650 might become a more attractable package to give you the headroom you need
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  9. This will "do the math" for you
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