PC2-5400/6400 system upgrade?

When i first built my system a few years ago i went with 2 GB of corsair XMS ddr2 5400 RAM, but just recently i upgraded to 3GB.

I switch the sticks around to where im using 1 GB of the 5400 ram but now 2 GB of the same corsair XMS ddr2 6400 ram.

I was wondering if it would be a worthwhile investment(it would be around 35$) to get another GB of the 6400 ram(i am using XP 32bit) because i hear that if you mix speeds, your computer automatically sets all the sticks to the lowest speed.

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    If you are going to keep using a 32 bit OS, there's no real need to add another 1 GB of RAM. Your system will not be able to use it.

    It is a little different if you are going toove to a 64 bit OS.
  2. Im just wondering if upgrading that 1GB of 5400 ram to a 1GB stick of 6400 ram is worth it for 35$. im not trying to add another 1GB cause 32bit wont recognize
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